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At Shotgun Theatre, we strive to create innovative and boundary-breaking musical theatre. We are committed to providing opportunities in all aspects of theatre for our members to push creative and personal boundaries, producing work with the potential to excel in, and go beyond, the student theatre scene.

We hold a 10-year history of producing prestigious shows to excellent reviews, presenting multiple full-scale shows throughout the year. We pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos, opening our choice of shows to a members’ vote twice a year - we want to create work that YOU want to see and take part in.

We are also very committed to our society’s social aspect, offering social memberships and hosting events for theatre-lovers throughout the year, such as our bi-termly Open Mic Cabaret Evenings. Whether you are a seasoned MT veteran or are yet to sing your first showtune, anyone is welcome to sing their hearts out or simply enjoy a night of great music and infectious vibes!