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The society aims to teach and share the wonderful art of belly dancing. Belly dancing is a beautiful and varied form of dance with origins in traditional Egyptian dancing, it has spread around the globe and branched off into so many different styles and fusions. Such styles include classic oriental, drum solo, temple dancing, tribal fusion, and many, many more. Belly dancing is perfect for everybody and every body type.

Our goals are to teach weekly classes of varying styles and ability levels to embrace fully the different styles of belly dance from traditional oritental to rock or tribal fusion. We also aim to offer a range of types of classes suited for those who wish to perform on the stage and for those who just want an hour's break to destress and lose themselves to the rhythm of the music.

We also aim to offer termly showcases to celebrate what our members have learnt througtout the year as well as culture evenings throughout the term to appreciate the unqiue cultures belly dancing formed from.