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Welcome! Feel free to talk to us here if you have any questions:

We're new here, but though you may not have heard of it, airsoft has been around for years. From a good day out with your friends to a serious sport, airsoft has something for everyone.

What is airsoft?

Akin to paintball, airsoft is primarily a team based game where each team battles for an objective. There are many different objectives that can be played, from capture the flag, king of the hill and push/defend. The main difference between airsoft and paintball is what you shoot. In airsoft, rather than paintballs, you shoot small plastic pellets, called 'BBs'. This leads to a key difference between the sports; the price. Where £15 will buy you around 500 paintballs, the same money can buy you 3000 airsoft BBs. This means you are much less concerned about how often you're shooting, and lets you focus more of the joy of the game and the objective.

Does it hurt?

Surprisingly it hurts less than paintball, unless you get hit on bare skin. Else it just feels like getting a hard flick. So cover up!

If you think defending objectives, sneaking through cover and/or charging the opposing team head on sounds like a good time (we sure think it does) then stay tuned for our next events and come down to some of our socials and ask in person, we'd love to see you there!

What’s included in Membership?

For £25 you’ll receive discount rates at all our local sites, a free site membership, discounted gun hire and game days, the opportunity to get your UKARA, social, and the chance to compete at varsity!!