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We believe that all children deserve a childhood and understand that illness or disability can make this very difficult for some children.

Our goal is to help these children to enjoy their childhood. We endeavour to be professional, yet hold at the forefront of our practice that fun is the number one priority for both children and volunteers.

Three different volunteer roles are available:

Character - attends events as a character while playing games and interacting with children

Magic Maker - attends events & interacts with children out of character, can be supporting staff.

Imagineer - an underrated role; not attending events but helps with the general running of the group, event organising and costumes etc. (great for anyone short on time or not wanting to attend events)

This year, we are looking forward to running in-person visitation events where possible. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we introduced some exciting new virtual projects including online video calls, BSL Singalongs and online training for volunteers, some of which may continue. It's up to you which events you would like to undertake in your own time!

For more information, check out our website here: