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Aims and Objectives:

  • To make opera accessible to all students, regardless of the individual’s background or experience
  • To provide an opportunity for classical singers and orchestral players to perform solos and in ensembles
  • To create an inclusive and welcoming society

In Opera Society, we are dedicated to singers, actors, musicians and opera enthusiasts who want to get involved in the music and theatre scene at Exeter but do not want to audition to do so. Opera is often seen as an elitist art form, therefore by making our society all-inclusive we are a step closer to removing this stereotype and making Opera accessible for everyone.

Each year, our society offers: a full-scale Production of an Opera; concerts for both singers and orchestral players; socials to make friends with like-minded people; and opportunities to watch professional operas on stage and on screen.

Our production, which this year will be Dido and Aeneas, is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in singing opera to branch out of their comfort zone and learn the skill of performing opera on-stage. It also creates space for those who wish to work behind the scenes and develop their production team skills, whilst also being involved.

If you’re interested in performing in an orchestra rather than on stage, we have introduced an Opera Society Orchestra; an un-auditioned orchestra for those who want to explore what it is like to play in an orchestra; to experience playing music from Operas; and to be a part of an Opera Production.

If you admire the art of Opera but have no desire to be on the stage yourself, we organise trips to watch Operas live, such as at the Exeter Northcott, and on screen in theatres such as Vue.

Last year we also had the honour of performing with English Touring Opera, a professional opera company, in the Exeter Northcott Theatre as their chorus members in 'A Winter's Tale', which was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

We look forward to sharing with you an appreciation for the genre, as well as the feeling of having great fun performing and exploring opera with like-minded people. There really is something for everyone in our friendly-focused society, and we’d love to have you join us!

For any questions about our society, please don't hesitate to contact us via our email, (opera@groups.exeterguild.com) or message our facebook page!