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This group's aim is to raise awareness about the impacts of colonisation in healthcare and the effects this has had on medical education and contemporary medicine. It will also create a supportive group of students who aim to educate themselves on racial inequalities in healthcare and medical education.

It is imperative that the conversation surrounding the lack of ethnic minority representation in medical education is had, how this impacts clinical practice, and what can be done to prepare future practitioners in recognising and treating patients of all skin types.

Our goals are:

  • To host speakers who are experts in the field of healthcare and racial inequalities
  • To create a network of students who work together to raise awareness about decolonising healthcare
  • To raise awareness and campaign to decolonise medical education and different components of healthcare
  • To educate students (medical and non-medical) in the history, impacts and effects of colonisation and embedded inequalities in healthcare
  • To represent medical students from all groups and backgrounds in healthcare settings and the conversation surrounding inequalities

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