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LGBTQ+ and Law Exeter was founded in March 2019 to create a community of students (with a law or non-law background) who are interested in pursuing a legal career, supporting their journeys, and providing networking opportunities with other LGBTQ+ legal professionals. We aim to ensure that our services promote diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility – no student has to overcome yet another boundary to be able to take part, and all will be welcomed. We aim to do this not only by holding employability events and panel discussions, but also hosting events exploring the relationship between the law and the LGBTQ+ community, encouraging a more inclusive environment in the university.

We strongly believe that diversity in the legal profession is no longer seen as a bonus, rather a necessity that helps to improve the overall workability of the legal profession. We recognise the importance of diversity and hope to play a significant role in creating a space for other LGBTQ+ people which plays an integral role in our professional and academic development.