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About us:

India's indigenous cultural traditions are based on music, dance, and folk performances. Each of the historical regions of India has a vibrant dance and music tradition, with unique styles that have been passed down through the years.

We came together to form this society in order to witness the extravagance of Indian classical dance and music through teaching and learning, as well as through special events and performances. So, in order to give you an idea of what to expect from such a cultural and musical extravaganza, here we are looking at the insights of our society.



Our society aims at providing the chance to experience various styles, showcase your abilities in those genres and have fun while doing it. 

Our society welcomes everyone, so it makes no difference what shape, size, race, or level of ability. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and learn.

We want our society to be a place you can go to have fun and let go !


Statement of intent :

  • To provide classes on a weekly basis throughout the term
  • To provide workshops in particular styles and choreography 
  • Means of self expression
  • Foster inter-cultural understanding and identity development
  •  To create an inclusive and united environment through the oneness of music and dance.
  • To unleash the artistic and creative nature.
  • To explore and express oneself with freedom through this beautiful art form.

Statement of intent: 

Statement of intent: 

Statement of intent: