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About Us

Join the society to LEARN, NETWORK and INVEST.

Come to our weekly sessions to:

Learn about the career opportunities related to investing and get help with applications through career talks, CV advice and interview workshops. We offer an extensive education programme to help your technical understanding (including financial modelling and programming).

Network with guest speakers, sponsors, alumni and current members in order to gain exposure to the investment management industry.

Invest through our many trading simulations and trading competitions. Gain an investing skill set by contributing to investment ideas in a stock pitch, which will prove useful in your careers. Read our weekly financial debriefs to learn more about the markets.

Whether you're just interested in finding out more about the world of finance to see if it's right for you, or if you're already dreaming about being the next Warren Buffett, this can be the place for you!

 Why Join?

  • Got an interview coming up and want some help?

Use this network to easily reach out to people who can help you with an interview similar to one they have done before (maybe even at the same firm!). Take advantage of our coffee buddy scheme; where we randomly pair you up with someone else from the society so you can meet new, like-minded people and build your network.

  • Planning to apply for a job in finance but don't know where to start?

We have prepared extensive packs which are available to our members, which you can use to find out which area suits you most, as well as finding out where you can apply.

  • Interested in the markets but want to find out more about stocks and how to pick them?

Get involved with our Stock Pitch Series in Term 2! You can also participate in trading simulations and we give you the opportunity to put your skills to the test and compete in intra/inter-society trading games!

  • Don't study a finance-related degree and worried about your knowledge?

We love to see people from non-finance backgrounds here! We run extensive programmes and series, put together by our very own committee to help you brush up on your skills. Get involved with our Financial Analysis Couse (Term 1), Professional Development Series (Term 1&2), Guest Lecturer Series (Term 1&2) and Stock Pitch Series (Term 2).

Get Involved! We Have Loads Planned For 2021/2022...

  • Over 50 Events Across The Year With Leading Industry Professionals
  • Stock Pitches
  • Investing Competition & Prizes
  • Financial Analysis Course
  • Stock Pitch Series
  • Professional Development Series
  • Guest Lecturer Series
  • Speed Networking with Alumni
  • Buddy Coffee Meetings
  • Weekly Newsletter & Financial Debrief
  • ExSIF Stash
  • Careers Guidance
  • ...and so much more!

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