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The University of Exeter Saudi society (USSE) is a non-profit organisation originally established by Saudi students at the university. The society organises events for all the students, from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, and for the wider community.

We aim to help university students to feel at home at the university by being engaged locally in a wide range of cultural, academic and sports activities. We are also very keen to show a positive image of our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by organising cultural events at the university. For instance, we have been very active in promoting the Arabic language and have offered free Arabic classes for all students. We also organise various events at the university and elsewhere during Saudi National Day and Islamic events.

Every year, our programme is revised and adapted to the needs and wishes of our members. Most activities are free of charge and open to the public and usually include the following:


  • Arabic classes
  • Academic English Classes
  • Academic workshops for post-graduate and undergraduate students
  • Regular personal development courses
  • Games and competitions
  • Cultural events and celebrations (e.g. National Day, Eid)
  • Cooperation with other societies


The University of Exeter Saudi Society is open to all students and members of the public, from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. We are truly an open, international society and we aim to help in creating a positive atmosphere among all students regardless of their differences. We hope our activities can help promote friendship and understanding across the university and the wider community.