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Bienvenue to the French Society 2022-23!

Aims & Objectives for 2022-23:

  • Hold regular conversation classes which are perfect for all levels (beginners to advanced) 
  • Organise fun and regular in-person socials
  • Organise a trip to Paris
  • Create amazing French Soc stash
  • Collaborate with other language societies to organise great joint socials and our favourite event of the year, the joint Modern Languages Ball!

Whether you are native French speaker, a complete beginner to the language, a French student or are simply just interested in francophone culture this society is for you! We are an inclusive and friendly community and, everyone ( we really do mean everyone) is welcome to join :)

To find out more about the exciting year we have planned, go check out and follow our social media pages:

  • Instagram: @frenchsocexe
  • Facebook:

Our 2022-23 Committee:

  • President: Mathias La Pira
  • Treasurer: Leila Powles
  • General Secretary: Greta Bojaroviciute
  • Social Secretaries: Nathan Mignonnat and Naomi Cryan
  • Publicity Secretary: Becky Forbes

If you have any questions, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Or, if social media isn't really your thing, feel free to drop us an email at 

We can't wait to meet you!