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Weekly event: Market Round Up

  • Weekly Market Summary: Macro BTC movement and external influence, on-chain analysis.
  • Regulatory/ Legal Update: mandatory XRP vs SEC case check-up. What’s the latest governmental and constitutional revelation? Are politicians commending crypto or blockchain projects?
  • Business/ Corporate Adoption: business and brand adoption often lead to society-level use such as NBA Topshot as an early example, and Adidas’ recent partnership with Coinbase, Nike partner with Metaverse etc.
  • ESG: Environmental repercussions of crypto mining. Conversely, instances where light-weight blockchain tech could mitigate current expensive and environmentally taxing computer systems, server houses and super computers that require heaving hashing power, for example.
  • Technological: physical hardware upgrades and electronic innovation impacting crypto and blockchain adoption.

Bi-weekly events:

  • Trade Night: Members attend the Trade Night workshop, we split up into smaller groups to conduct market research for 30 minutes to determine the best futures option (long or short) to open once the half-hour has lapsed. But first, research groups should discuss their findings amongst each of the other groups and agree on which crypto’s financial derivative, in their team's opinion, has the highest chance to turn a profit based upon their technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Not using real money. This can be done in members' own time and on their own accord. No committee members are financial advisors.

Special events:

  • Guest talks from former Exeter Uni students who now work with crypto/ blockchain companies.
  • Keynote talks from industry experts and crypto VCs. More info coming soon.