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Are you confused by UK politics right now? Want to join a fun, chilled out and helpful society? As one of Exeter’s newest and fastest growing groups, we welcome students of all backgrounds to join MWEXE, expand their political knowledge – and gain the confidence to become more engaged in our political system.

Welcome to MWEXE! We are the University of Exeter's branch of national charity Model Westminster. And as one of their most successful branches, we have an exciting year planned for 2021/22!!!!

With events on land, sea and abroad, talks from local and national politicians, academic events to get you talking about the issues that really matter and of course, being able to tuck in to the best food Exeter has to offer - MWEXE is the place to be!


We promise a variety of socials, fun-filled with opportunities to get to know those around you. Links to some of the best pubs & clubs in Exeter means we’ll continue to give you the opportunity to experience some of Exeter’s best nights out without the fuss and stress of queueing!


We also promise academic events which will give you the opportunity reflect on, expand your knowledge, and develop new opinions on events in the news and those issues that really matter to you. As well as this, we’ll have a host of debates involving local and national politicians – giving you a real opportunity to question those who make our laws and direct our country.


Any Questions? Just message one of us!