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About Us

Exeter University's Mental Health and Wellbeing Society

Get involved with breaking down stigma and spreading the word about positive mental wellbeing!

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness of and de-stigmatise mental health issues, particularly those affecting people within university.
  • Host events that promote and support positive mental health
  • Work as a signposting service for the help provided by the university (e.g. Wellbeing Centre and Nightline).
  • Fundraise for mental health charities throughout the year.
  • Create a community of supportive and resilient students.

Join us to get involved in upcoming campaigns to spread awareness of mental health difficulties and promote positive mental health throughout the University. We also hold weekly socials that are open to all.

To find out more information about our upcoming campaigns and events, go to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Any general enquiries, questions or if you would like to work with the society, please emailmindyourhead@groups.exeterguild.com