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Aims and Objectives:

  • To discover and enjoy the best breweries and pubs in and around Exeter.
  • To hold successful termly homebrew competitions, by giving tips and advice to new brewers.
  • To subsidise events for society members, by reducing ticket prices or purchasing a pint per member on pub crawls

Like beer? Then the Real Ale Society is for you!

The society aims to encourage students to try real ale and craft beer as more enjoyable alternatives to mass produced lager. We're not snobs, honest. We just like to enjoy what we're drinking! We also warmly welcome cider drinkers.

Here in Exeter, we have access to some brilliant local beer, pubs and breweries, and want to ensure that students make the most of them. Not only that, but we aim to inspire members to try brand new beers from up and down the country, around Europe and across the world.

Whether you want to try a diverse range of new beer, go on trips to local breweries, brew your own beer or simply come along for a pint (or two) and meet new people, we have an event for you!

Our plans for the year include:

  • Brewery tours across the South West
  • Homebrew classes and competitions
  • Pub crawls around the local area
  • Relaxed evenings at the pub
  • Selected beer tasting evenings
  • Trips to beer festivals
  • And membership benefits will include:
  • Free pint glass
  • Exclusive discounts at a selection of local beery establishments
  • The odd free pint here and there
  • And more!

Our membership is just £5!