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1. Run practical workshops, speaker events and discussion panels.

2. Explore finance, technology and business.

3. Run the annual Exeter Consulting Project in order to enhance employability amongst members.

We are a society dedicated to exploring technological innovations in finance and business. Our goal is to expand interest and understanding, as well as real-life technological applications, which develop personal and professional growth in cutting-edge fields. Aside from exploring Investment, Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer lending, FinTech unicorns & start-ups, Robo-Advisors, AI, and more through workshops and panel discussions, we best of all, will pioneer structured FinTech-based consulting projects with local businesses to give members an invaluable chance to develop original business solutions and skills. Guaranteed to stand out on any CV! Additionally, through our peer-to-peer workshops and in collaboration with experts from the field of finance we hope expand your knowledge about the applications of Python and help you learn coding! Want to join the ranks of start-ups such as Revolut and Monzo? Join us!