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Exeter University Saxophone Choir

Our goals:

  • To rehearse and perform as a group of saxophonists.
  • Give saxophonists of all abilities the chance to play, whether they are virtuosos or just want to try the sax out.
  • Rehearse weekly and will aim to perform once a term.

Exeter University Saxophone Choir (EUSax) is a chilled society for saxophonists of all abilities to meet up and play. We play a variety of genres of music, including jazz, film, and a little bit of classical. Most of the choir plays alto, and if you can't bring your own instrument we have a couple available for you to use. Alternatively, if you fancy playing the tenor, baritone or soprano instead of the alto, you're welcome to do so!

We rehearse 6:30-8pm on Mondays in Kay House (Duryard).

Whether you're a virtuoso on the sax, or just starting out, this is the society for you.