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The Exeter Omani Students’ Society is a student-based society in Exeter, England. The Society promotes relations between Omani students at the University of Exeter and other educational parties in the UK. Membership of the society is open to Omani and non-Omani national who has lived in Oman or have commercial, cultural, or other Sultanate interests. Membership of the society is free of charge. The society has a calendar of general interest and lectures and activities scheduled throughout the year held at the University of Exeter. The Society seeks to keep friendly relations between Oman, and other nations healthy by actively encouraging links between Omani students and international students. The society's activities are the main vehicle for this engagement by conducting cultural, social and sports events. The Society also maintains close relations with other societies that have members who show interests in the Sultanate.

The society seeks:

  •  To organize entertaining events for fellow students and their families in Exeter.
  • To represent the Omani students at the Omani Student Academic Council.
  • To collaborate with the University of Exeter's society and other societies (e.g., Saudi Society, Exeter Mosque, The Anglo-Omani Society, …etc.).
  • To provide support and guidance for Omani students.
  • To collaborate with the Omani Attaché in London for students’ concerns/issues/troubles regarding their studies.
  • To assist new Omani students in settling in Exeter, e.g., housing, studying.
  • To organize academic events (Lectures, Seminars…etc.).
  • To celebrate the main cultural/religious events in our homeland Oman (National Day, Eid…etc.)