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Welcome to the University of Exeter Mature Students Society for the 2023/24 Academic Year!

Join us in creating a warm, inclusive community where new and returning students are wholeheartedly embraced. Our mission is clear: seamlessly integrating mature students into university life while prioritising their well-being and support.


Our Purpose

At EmSoc, we recognise and respect the unique journey of mature students, and we aim to ensure your university experience is both memorable and fulfilling. 

Acknowledging the potential hurdles mature students may encounter, we are dedicated to fostering your overall well-being.

Our society functions as a platform to address these obstacles, providing a safe space where you can openly share your journey and seek comfort in the companionship of those who relate to your experiences.

Our society is more than just a group; it is a haven for building lasting connections and friendships and finding invaluable support networks. 


Why Join Us?

Whether you are setting foot on campus for the first time or returning for another year, EmSoc eagerly anticipates welcoming you with open arms.

Our diverse range of social events are thoughtfully designed to cater to various schedules, ensuring there is something exciting for everyone. Whether you are looking for informative discussions, engaging activities, or simply a great time with fellow mature students, EmSoc has it all.


Our Core Values

Inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity are at the heart of EmSoc. We celebrate the richness that each individual brings to our society and embrace the beauty of our differences. Here, you will find a safe space where you are not just a member but an essential part of our family.


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