Multicultural Students Society

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About Us

Aims and Objectives:

  • Create an environment which is welcoming to everyone who wishes to join us. (We like to think of ourselves as a family).
  • Provide members with plenty of opportunities to meet people with a similar background to themselves - both through drinking and non-drinking socials.
  • Work to bring people from different ethnic backgrounds together.

Hello! We are a society for students who identify themselves with multiple cultures, and who often struggle to formulate an answer to where they’re from (TCKs). We are a blend of our parents’ culture(s), the culture(s) of where we lived, and the wider international community’s culture. Many of us will have grown up in more than one country, travelled a lot, went to an international school, etc. We are globally-minded and citizens of the world.

If you are a TCK or interested to know more about life as a TCK then we’d like to welcome you with open arms! Join our Facebook group to stay posted with our latest events!