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Aims and Objectives:


  • Create a laid-back society that advocates team work where everyone is welcome, whether you're a seasoned pro or have yet to take that first step onto the bench!
  • Provide a space for people to do a bit of extra exercise whilst in a social atmosphere.
  • Provide a frequent variety of socials from bowling to pub crawls and training/match sessions this year and attend the national Benchball Varsity


Move over AU, there's a new sporting craze sweeping Exeter!

Cast your mind back to primary school, what was THE sport? Benchball? If it wasn't, you went to the wrong school.

Luckily for you, you can right that wrong right now!

Want to join a sports society but ...


  • Don't want to also sell your soul?
  • Not great at sports?
  • Don't want the 7am training sessions?
  • Scared of commitment?
  • Just here for the social?


Don't worry, us too.

Benchball is the one for you!

With your membership fee you'll receive: Frequent socials and training/match sessions, stash available for purchase and a membership card to the best society on campus!

Message us on our social medias if you have any questions!!















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