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The University of Exeter Iraqi Society is a new student-led organisation, aiming to widen students' contact within the Iraqi culture. The society aims to connect people, from all backgrounds, who share an interest in Iraqi culture.

It is dedicated to Iraqis and non-Iraqis from different backgrounds and cultures, aiming to demonstrate the rich Iraqi culture, Iraqi values, and our way of life to everyone in The University of Exeter as well as creating a community feel for the members of Iraqi Society. We will be exposing all members to the different types of dances, cuisines, and history Iraq has to offer. We seek to help members explore Iraqi's culturally and linguistically diverse heritage as well as promote awareness of issues relating to the country. From cultural to political, charity to social events, we seek unity and peace whilst broadening our knowledge of our country and its people. We hope to show The University of Exeter what being Iraqi is about, that there is much more to Iraq than politics and debate. We have a friendly and enthusiastic committee to drive these aims forward and we hope to help you settle right into university life. Through providing a sense of community and bringing Iraqis together, we aim to explore and celebrate our distinctively rich culture and diversity whilst, quite simply, having a great time! Everyone is welcome to join Iraqi Society. We have an awesome year planned and we’d love for you to get involved!