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Established in 2022, we are Exeter University's newest and most unique History Society! Membership is free!

Who Are We?

From 1405-1433, Legendary Chinese Admiral Zheng He set out to project the power of the Ming dynasty throughout China's near abroad and the Indian Ocean, reaching as far as modern day Southeast Africa. Widely regarded as one the most influential Chinese figures during the rule of the Yongle Emperor, Admiral Zheng's fleet, called the 'Treasure Fleet,' would not be matched in size until WWI, and his legacy remains very real today.

We at Zheng He Scoiety aim to provide a forum for all students to discuss history, whether they are active appreciators of Zheng He, history students or just normal students with a casual interest in world history. We further aim to assist in the decolonisation of the University curriculum by raising awareness of real global history and challenging Western-centric historical fallacies and tropes. Stay tuned and follow our social media for activities and events!

Find us on Instagram: zhenghesocexeter

Contact us through email: Zhenghe@groups.exeterguild.com