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Established in 2022, we are Exeter University's newest and most unique History Society, focusing on global and transnational history. Membership is free!

Who Are We?

From 1405-1433, Legendary Chinese Admiral Zheng He set out to project the power of the Ming dynasty throughout the known world, reaching as far as modern day Southeast Africa. Widely regarded as one the most influential figures in Chinese history of this era, Admiral Zheng's fleet, called the 'Treasure Fleet,'  consisted of up to 40,000 sailors and would not be matched in size until WWI. Despite this, Zheng He remains an obscure figure, especially compared to European contemporaries such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama. 

What makes Zheng He Society unique is our focus on viewing and discussing our increasingly globalised world from a global perspective. By doing so, Zheng He Society aims to provide a forum for all students to discuss history and politics, whether they have an active interest or want a fresh perspective. We further aim to assist in the decolonisation of the University curriculum by raising awareness of real global history and challenging Western-centric historical fallacies and tropes. Stay tuned and follow our social media for activities and events! 

Find us on Instagram: @zhenghesocexeter 

Contact us through email: Zhenghe@groups.exeterguild.com 

Find us on FIXR: @UoE Zheng He Society





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