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The Self-Development Society’s purpose is to help Exeter University students develop the personal characteristics they desire by providing a network of like-minded individuals.

'Self-development' is defined as "the process by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed." Our purpose is to assist our members in this process.

We want to create a support network, which enables its members to develop the skills they desire, with healthy habits being one example (lifting, exercise, meditation, journalling and soft skills).

This network would be comprised of people with a passion for self-development, for people who have a desire to set themselves goals and stick to them.

To do so, we would aim to create a positive, motivational atmosphere within the society by providing a self-fulfilling accountability forum for members to help each other.

An underlying aspect of the society would be to promote long-term gratification over instant gratification.

Once we become established, ideally the members would guide the direction of the society and its events.

Another important focus for us is on diversity. Self-development can be quite male-focused in our current society, and we would like to ensure an all-inclusive platform.

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