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UN Women is the global charity for advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Founded in 2010, it is the newest UN agency, and we work to create change for women and girls across the world by working at every level (governments, communities and individuals) to end violence and provide equal opportunities for women and girls. UN Women UK is the UK arm of UN Women, which aims to remove the social and cultural barriers that prevent women and girls from achieving their potential.

As a society we hope to raise awareness about gender inequality in the UK and around the world, work for women’s empowerment and engage more students in taking action towards gender equality. The issues we will tackle, campaign and fundraise for, will range from violence against women to period poverty, FGM and the importance of gender equality for development. Our main events will include talks from keynote speakers around the issue of gender equality, fundraisers for charities with a focus around women’s issues, and getting involved with national and global campaigns that are supported by UN Women UK and UN Women globally.