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Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide a fun social(ly distanced) space for students to enjoy playing video games as a group.
  • Be as friendly, inclusive and welcoming as possible to students from all walks of life.
  • Promote wellbeing and reduce stress by providing an outlet for fun social play.
  • Encourage friendships between students across Exeter University.

Welcome to the Video Games Society, a society dedicated to providing a safe space for members to relax and enjoy multiplayer games with like-minded people. We are a society that welcomes gamers of all levels to join for a stress-free, fun experience playing cooperative and competitive games weekly.

As well as our weekly gaming sessions, join us for various one-off socials through the year that are sure to get you introduced to your fellow members and the committee.

Don’t forget to keep a track of events and news on our Facebook page:

We are hoping to run a lot of events on our discord server this year, which you can join here: