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Aims and Objectives:


  • To run a welcoming and inclusive society.
  • To promote friendship between members from across the globe and engage in friendly discussions about subjects we are passionate about (Harry Potter!)
  • To provide a wide variety of activities, with something for everyone, providing good value for money.


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Prefer a quill and parchment to your standard biro and notepad? Religiously use an owl over Royal Mail? Then the Harry Potter & Quidditch Society is the one for you! (Note: none of these things are required for membership). Here at HP&Q Soc, we celebrate the work of Exeter alumni J.K. Rowling [this is only an acknowledgement of authorship, our society stands strongly against Rowling's transphobic views]. Whether you're a hardcore Potter fan or just curious, our events have something magical to suit everyone!

Over the last few years we've thrown a menagerie of Potter-themed socials, and gained our reputation as the largest recreation society at Exeter. Get sorted into your house at the Sorting Ceremony; experience festive glamour and fine dining at the annual Yule Ball; and end the year with a bang (and some feathery friends) at the End of Year Feast! If you'd prefer a cosier affair, show off your board-game prowess at our common room socials, or come along to our film screenings. We aim to cater for all and always be friendly and welcoming; after all, we all share a love of Harry Potter and the city that inspired the books!

As well as the many exciting Harry Potter themed events we hold throughout the year, we invite you to get involved with the Exeter Eagles, Exeter’s University’s Quidditch Team. Quidditch has developed (with some modification) into a worldwide sports phenomenon, even earning its place in the English dictionary. It's a mixed sport inclusive of all genders, creating a warm community welcoming people of all sporting abilities. Quidditch is rising in popularity, with new teams popping up around the country every year. Being a part of the Exeter Eagles and the Quidditch community provides exciting opportunities to play at a variety of tournaments and take part in the annual British Quidditch Cup (BQC). So if you're interested in an inclusive, exciting sport that increases your athletic capabilities, give Quidditch a try! We guarantee you'll be hooked for life!








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