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Aims and Objectives:


  • Provide a platform for students to get involved with acting, directing, producing, stage-managing, and creating a range of professional-quality contemporary theatre throughout the year.
  • Produce a diverse and wide-ranging programme of shows; both to improve the inclusion of diverse stories in our programme, and also to provide enough different opportunities for students to get involved with.
  • Provide exciting and engaging opportunities for all members, even if they are not involved in a production. For example, with socials, industry professional lead workshops, and welfare initiatives.


EUTCo - Exeter University Theatre Company

As the largest and longest running theatre company on campus, EUTCo produce plays, run workshops, hold socials, and much more.

Join EUTCo to get involved. Throughout the year we produce a range of published plays, both contemporary and classical, from our yearly show on the professional Northcott stage, to our annual tour show, where our members direct, perform, and produce at the Edinburgh Fringe. You can also join our cast and crew for our term shows that take place in venues around Exeter, including our fun 48-hour productions. Previous productions include 'Photograph 51', 'One for Sorrow', 'The River' and Tabitha Mortiboy's 'The Amber Trap'.

University is the perfect time to experiment, and we ask our members to challenge the stereotypical perceptions of what theatre can be. In creating our programme of shows, we look to produce a wide variety of exciting and diverse productions. We provide a platform to explore your theatrical interests, be they directorial, production based, artistic, or performative. You learn best through doing so don’t worry about experience, just get stuck in - from our Northcott show, the largest venue in Exeter, to our termly 48-hour productions, there’s something to suit everyone.

We aim to provide opportunities off the stage too through running workshops for members, from providing exclusive talks or practical sessions with industry proffesionals, to visiting the Northcott to see how it’s run. We also hold auditions and production team workshops before auditions week to help you get that role!

Our social membership provides acess to these workshops as well as the Welfare sessions we are continuing this year to help support our members' wellbeing at University, which can take a toll. Of course, socials are also included in the social membership, and we aim to provide a couple of these a term themed around our current shows as a chance for members to come together for a good time.

Plus, our members receive a discount on tickets for all of our shows thoughout the year, so even if you don’t want to be involved, you can still come along and watch our fantastic performances and support your friends, all at a discounted member’s rate.

To find out more on our approach on the Coronavirus crisis as well as the issue of diversity at Exeter, please read the Theatre Societies collective statement on our Facebook page, as well as the Theatre @ Exeter group page.

Our committee are always on hand too for any help if you have a question or concern - If you want to get in contact with us, you can go to any of committee directly, or via the Facebook page.


























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