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Welcome! Feel free to talk to us here if you have any questions: Discord Link ↗

Airsoft is a tactical combat simulation game that involves using replica firearms that shoot 6mm plastic BBs. Unlike paintball, airsoft guns are more realistic and the game itself is more tactical and strategic.

The game is played in various scenarios, such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, and domination. Players need to work together to complete the objectives and defeat the opposing team. The society provides a range of different game types and scenarios to keep the games exciting and varied.

Joining the Exeter University Airsoft Society is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy the sport. We welcome both experienced players and newcomers!

Airsoft is an excellent way to stay active, improve your reflexes, and develop your strategic thinking skills. It's also a fun way to relieve stress and get away from the daily grind of university life. So come and join us at one of our games to try it out. 


Does it hurt?

It actually hurts less than paintball because the ammo we use isn't so large and messy. We use small 6mm wide plastic BBs which is what allows the replicas to look so real.

Do I need to have my own equipment to join?

No, but if you do then that's great. The sites we partner with offer rental guns that you can use so anyone can try it out.

Do I need prior experience to join?

No, we'll teach you the rules and you'll quickly pick up how to play by actually participating in games. We have a good mix of new players and highly experienced players who will guide you.

How often do you run games?

We aim to run two games a month.

Join us here ↗

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