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Aims and Objectives:

  • Host welcoming events and dinners with a fun Viking touch.
  • Provide a home away from home for anyone with a connection to or interest in Scandinavian culture.
  • Be an inclusive society which welcomes people from all nationalities and backgrounds, and provides a platform for members to meet friends across all year groups.

With Scandinavian Society, you will enjoy the friendly and happy company of fellow Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish students and learn more about the fantastic culture of Scandinavia!

Scandic Soc is the home of all students from or with some connection to the Nordic countries, but is also open to anyone interested in getting to know more of Scandinavia and its people. We arrange some of the best socials in Exeter such as dinners, bowling tournaments and pub-crawls, all with a bit of our Scandic touch to it. So if you want to have an amazing time this year and discover your true inner Viking, learn from the best and JOIN Scandinavian Society!

If you have any questions please contact us at:

And remember: You don’t need to be from Scandinavia to join.