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Welcome to the Exeter Pakistani society!

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The Exeter Pakistani Society provides a forum for promoting and preserving Pakistan’s rich: history, culture, music, food and art. We hope to represent all of Pakistan, from the snowy peaks of Kashmir; lush valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; fertile plains of Punjab; majestic deserts of Baluchistan to the shores of Sindh.


The main aims of the Pakistani society are as follows:

• To become the home away from home for Pakistani students and host exciting events that celebrate Pakistani culture.

•To act as a representative and a contact for organizations that promote cultural exchange, between the UK and Pakistan.

• To act as a source of information for Pakistanis who are interested in studying at Exeter as well as others.

• To establish a support system, for new Pakistani students by aiding their transition to Exeter.

• To build, a positive image of Pakistan and therefore, present a counter narrative against the negative stereotypes that often arise because of misinformation: about the country and its people.

The society aims to host a variety of events. From music nights, balls, barbecues, movie nights, shisha & chai nights to political debates and educational forums: Pakistan Society offers it all! In addition, cultural and religious events like Eid and Basant (kite festival) are also celebrated.