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XpressionFM is the award winning radio station for the University of Exeter, run entirely by students, for students. We are one of the XMedia societies here at Exeter. Don’t forget to tune in at https://player.broadcastradio.com/xpression-fm or on the iExeter app, and join us to be part of the most exciting, friendly and unique media society at the university.


Since 1976, Xpression has broadcast exceptional and exciting radio coverage on issues that matter most to students. We have a schedule as diverse and bold as the campus body, covering the latest in the world of music, news, theatre, sport and more. Once you’ve joined Xpression you can sign up for Presenter, Producer or sound design training, and apply for your own show!


We have access to free press passes to live gigs and sports events, with chances to review them live on air. There are so many opportunities ready for you to grab at Xpression, and it's a fun way to meet meet new people and socialise in some of the coolest places in Exeter.

There’s also a lot more to Xpression than presenting a show – we encourage anyone with an interest in anything radio, broadcast media, creative or technical to give us a go, there's something for everyone. As well as becoming Presenter trained you can also get Station Sound trained and learn how to use audio editing software and produce Jingles and Promos to be played live.

You can also become a member of one of our content teams whether your passions are music, theatre, sport, marketing or current affairs. So whether you like discussing the latest music trends, reporting the news, commentating on Exeter's sporting events, writing radio dramas, producing epic radio ads and SFX, or just want to meet some like-minded people, then XpressionFM is the place for you.


Visit www.xpression.fm , https://www.facebook.com/XpressionFM/ or come or and visit our studio in Devonshire House (opposite the M&D Room, just up the stairs) at any time to find out more.

Direct email: stationmanager@xpression.fm

Aims and Objectives:

Continuing the hard work and professional-level output of the student radio station, ensuring an inclusive and open environment in which anyone can work and enjoy themselves, and spreading the reach of XpressionFM as far as possible.




















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