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Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide a great social experience through  socials, events and even (potentially) a trip abroad.
  • Provide an opportunity to compete in intramural sport and represent engineering teams.
  • Provide academic support through talks, internships and networking links with various companies.

ExENG is one of the most active academic societies with over 200 regular members, we get involved in and organise a huge range of activities!

We’ve got lots of exciting things lined up for this 2023/24 year, from the Educational events you'd expect to our awesome Socials.

Our main purpose is to give you the best social experience at university whilst studying for your degree, and to run the events you need to better your careers. Some of the many socials we hope to organise include our September Stash Social, where as a member you can wear your free stash, a trip to the Quay for some Bowling, pub quizzes in some of our lovely Exeter pubs, and potentially a trip! Those combined with the more relaxed socials in and around Exeter mean you'll never have a dull moment!

We'll as expected have Institute talks held in the department (with pizza), including talks from the Institute of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and talks from our own members to provide their experiences on finding those ever-important Industrial Placements. We also have a relationship with Sanctuary Graduates, a recruiting company that sends us specialised STEM opportunities directly for our members - this can be Internships, Work Experience and Grad Jobs - and a Society Hub page on Gradcracker where members can upload their CVs to get noticed by key STEM employers! But it's not all academic, ExENG likes to end the year with a big blow out at The Engineering Summer Ball!

We’re also a very energetic society. If you don’t fancy trying out for one of the main sports clubs, we have intramural teams playing in many sports at a very relaxed level. This year our sports included Netball, 6-a-side, 11-a-side Football and Badminton. No matter what skill level you're at anyone is welcome and we'd love to have you on our team. Being a member of these sports teams also create a chance to attend even more socials through the various ExENG sports socials across the year.

Finally ExENG brings together all four undergrad years of engineering – there isn’t a better way to meet lots of people who know the course well. Find us virtually, during Freshers Fair, or sign up now on the Guild website!

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