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Namaskara, Namaste, Namaskaram, Vanakam, As-salamu alaykum, Hello! We are the Indian Society focused on the betterment of the Indian students who are studying in Exeter and the UK. We are here representing India and its roots for Indian students to connect with when far away from home. Indian society is a platform for promoting and preserving the rich Indian culture, traditions, values, heritage/art and hospitality. We are a society that is rationally nationalistic, fun, interactive, and a member led society. We are also effectively focused on contributing to academically healthy discourse.

Our main motive and vision for our society:-

• We want to be the home away from home, catering to the needs of our members.

• We are affiliated to the "INDIAN NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION'' (INSA), an organisation representing Indian students, NRIs and any Indian associated with the minute roots of India at the national level, bridging India and the United Kingdom.

• We aim to host intellectual events and have renowned personalities invited for student interactions helping them gain exposure. We will also guide them in applying for internships which would give them good experience.

• We would act as the source of information and guidance to the new students and any student in the need of assistance. We would also be happy to assist diverse students to explore and understand the rich Indian culture and traditions.

• We will be hosting fun parties, socialising events, movie nights, Bollywood nights, debates on current affairs, and dinner nights etc.

We aim to host cross-cultural events between different societies of other nations for a diversified cultural experience to encourage stronger bonds and solidarity. Our society will act as one of the major links to host networking events with students from different universities all over the United Kingdom.