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1. Create a sense of community for neurodivergent, disabled, and mentally ill students.

2. Advocate for a more accessible student experience through events and awareness campaigns.

3. Organise fun and accessible events for all members!


In the UK, nearly 15% of students have a documented disability, with this percentage increasing every year. Yet for many disabled students, their university experience can be incredibly isolating, as inaccessibility and a lack of understanding surrounding disability leaves many students feeling alone. Within the Neurodivergent and Disabled Students Society, we strive to create a community for all disabled students, including neurodivergent, physically disabled, mentally ill, self-diagnosed and undiagnosed individuals.

Our goal as a society is to create a safe space for disabled students to meet others with similar experiences through our regular social events such as virtual book club meetings, special interest presentation nights, and regular community forums. As a society, the NDSS also works to campaign and raise awareness for disability rights issues, whether these are accessibility issues faced by a single student, or regulations that impact the entire student body.

We hope to create a supportive community for all disabled people to find understanding, acceptance and unity in their peers.

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