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  • Motivate each other to achieve our running goals
  • Build a healthy relationship with mental health and exercise
  • Encourage participation in running for charitable causes

Welcome to Cool Runnings – we are Exeter’s casual running society. We are a community for runners of all abilities; from our 5k programme to long distance training. We host running and non-running events, so even when you’re having a rest day or pick up an injury, you’re still part of the family.

We have a great range of runners on the committee who have trained themselves up from 5ks to marathons and can help you with your goals – we aren’t experts, but we have made all the mistakes before. Uni life is stressful at times - we know that whether you're going on a 20 minute jog or doing a longer training session, having the support network of likeminded runners will always give you a boost.


  • Friendly – we like a bit of competition sometimes, but our main aim is to run and make friends.
  • Willing to help out – sharing training tips and giving feedback to the Committee.
  • Inclusive – we don’t tolerate any form of discrimination.

We take equality and inclusivity seriously. We want to ensure our members and prospective members feel welcomed into our society.

For more info, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and drop us a message!