Vietnamese Society

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About Us

We aim to:

  • Promote the friendship and fellowship among Vietnamese students.
  • Render assistance to Vietnamese students in Exeter.
  • Encourage a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture and people.

Vietnam is a beautiful and traditional country and we are proud to be one of our nation's representative in Exeter. Every year, Vietnamese cultural events are being held and supported by a great number of students in Exeter as well as in other regions of the UK, and we will try our best to establish more about Vietnam.

As a member, you will have a huge benefit from our society e.g. discounts for special events and joining us monthly for free in the others, being invited to events of societies in Exeter and all over the UK, weekly sports activities, and participating in an annual gala for every member of the society.

Being a part of our family, you will be able to feel our warm and friendly atmosphere and have more chance to meet people not only from Vietnam but also the rest of the world through our massive networking.

"It is impossible for you to not enjoy being one of the Exeter".