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PsySoc strives to ensure everyone who joins our society feels included and has a voice, through a balanced mixture between academia and socials, we want to provide a fun and enriching experience for all.

We have loads of opportunities within this society with something that everyone will enjoy. Our socials range from pottery painting and film nights to pub quizes and nightouts in Exeter. 

Further, we aim to provide academic tips to help you get amazing grades, hold talks and events to widen your psychological knowledge and help you decide which career is right for you!

We have also decided to introduce families into the society to have smaller group socials that have 2nd/3rd year parents available for advice/help or even just a chat. This means members can have a personalised experience and provide an easier way to make friends in these times.

As a psychology society, we are well aware of the importance to maintaining mental health and so we have welfare trained committee to ensure that if any members ever feel the need to talk to anyone about worries and stresses about the society or even just academics then we will always have people on hand to have a chat with.

PsySoc also has a sports team for the intermural sports which you can pay extra for in your membership in order to represent the society. We aim to provide a range of sports and activities to help you get to know each other in an open, inclusive environment whilst also keeping fit.

Through the aid of your membership, our finances will be maximised to ensure that events and trips can be as exciting as possible!

If we get the all-clear, we are super excited to announce that the annual PsySoc trip abroad will still be happening, which is a great way to meet other members and get to travel the world for a weekend.

PsySoc is a great way to get involved in exciting opportunities and make the most out of your uni experience! Follow our socials to make sure you don’t miss out on all the latest news and events.

To contact us, please email or message the PsySoc instagram page: @psysoc.exeter













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