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Whether you’re studying Economics, pursuing a career in the field, or you are simply interested in economic issues, the Economics Society is the perfect addition to any course and a must-have for Business School students!

The committee of 2022/23 are ready to give the Economics Society a new look, with brand new ideas, activities and features for members. The committee believe it is time for the University to get an Economics Society that means business!

As one of the leading communities in the Business School, we’re here to give you the absolute most of your time within the University through hosting the below event types on a regular basis:

Social events that offer an informal setting for members to meet and connect with one another. Make sure to note our most exclusive formal events- The Winter Ball and End of Financial Year Ball!

Networking opportunities offering a more formal setting with employers and relevant companies

Academic events comprising of academic discussion and access to internal and external academic speaker events

Career events consisting of skills-based or application-based sessions and/or including relevant employers



  • We host events for social networking, learning and discussion.
  • Join a community of students who share a passion for Economics.
  • Access to engaging internal and external guest speakers.
  • Connect with similar students and alumni.
  • Drinks & debate sessions and frequent socials.
  • Economic and Financial simulations & other competitions.
  • Gain access to exclusive formal events- Winter Ball and End of Financial Year Ball!