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Thank you for your interest in a GP society! This society aims to show medical undergraduates the variety that GP (general practice) as a speciality has to offer and why it could be the perfect career option for you. It can feel very overwhelming trying to work out what you want to do in your medical career, with every doctor you meet along the way having a different opinion on the matter (let alone actually getting there through passing the never-ending medical school exams first). Our society is designed to teach undergraduates more about the opportunities a career in GP can offer and demonstrate what an amazing specialty it is. Through connecting student doctors with passionate GPs, we aim to show the vast number of roles and experiences a portfolio career in GP can offer. We want to diminish the negative stigma that can sometimes be attached to GP as the easy or boring option- it definitely isn’t! 

We also want to support medical undergraduates through providing near-peer and extra-curricular teaching sessions from a range of healthcare professionals: from FY1 through to GPs to provide extra support in both the clinical knowledge and practical skills they will be tested on throughout medical school. These teaching sessions will be promoted through our social media so make sure to check out our Facebook page or Instagram (links below) so you don't miss out! We hope that these opportunities will leave you feeling better equipped for your exams, as well as excited about GP as a specialty and potential career. 

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