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Aims & Objectives:

  • To bring everyone together through a mutual love of French with new and exciting socials.
  • To organise a trip to a French-speaking country.
  • To organise regular conversation classes, whether you're fluent or a beginner.
  • To work with other Language societies to create the best atmospheres at socials.
  • To hold regular socials to create a bigger sense of community.
  • To create amazing French Soc stash!
  • To ensure that our members get a say in the socials that we create, so that everyone can be as involved as possible.

Whether you are studying French, interested in francophone culture or would like to celebrate your own heritage, Exeter French Society is for you!

We are an inclusive and friendly community striving to offer a variety of opportunities to members.

In addition to regular ‘conversation classes’, where you can practice French with natives and other students, we organise a range of fun socials where you can enjoy French food and culture. There will even be a trip to Paris this academic year (COVID permitting).

On vous souhaite la bienvenue to our community, so come along and share your love for French and appreciate the diverse francophone cultures!

Allez viens! You can sign up online via the Guild website.

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