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Aims and Objectives:

  • Champion social enterprise
  • Develop our social enterprises
  • Challenge our members to become future leaders in social enterprise

Enactus is Exeter University’s Social Enterprise society; just one of a larger network of student societies spread across Universities all over the world.

We create projects that tackle global issues such as poverty, waste or homelessness.

Our Local and International projects see a problem, use entrepreneurial action to find a solution and improve the lives of the individuals and communities that we work with.

These projects are not charities - they are social enterprises: innovative businesses that empower beneficiaries and make a difference to society.



By joining our team, you will set yourself apart from other students. We provide workshops and training opportunities to improve and refine your business and leadership skills. You’ll be working alongside other like-minded individuals and building projects together. Most importantly, you’ll be changing the world for the better.


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New Project Fast Stream

Current Project Stream

Finance Stream


Most of our new members will join the New Project Fast Stream! We guide you through the process of building your own social enterprise. We work with you, providing workshops, training, one-to-one support and grants, alongside the university and our corporate sponsors. This is the fast-track to becoming a social entrepreneur.


Biosmart – Fuel Poverty

Operating in Kadzinuni, Kenya, Biosmart is looking to tackle fuel poverty. Here people spend around half of their annual income on fuel for cooking, heating and boiling water. Biosmart has created a furnace that burns agricultural waste into Biochar- a green, sustainable fuel alternative to wood charcoal. This is a cheaper alternative and one which does not contribute to local deforestation. With our charity partners, we have installed furnaces on the ground and currently looking to scale up our production to reach the entire town.

The Urban Mushroom Co. – Food Waste

UMC tackle’s food waste by growing food!? The coffee production process is often a wasteful one. Once coffee is made, less than 1% of the coffee bean biomass ends up in your cup, with the rest of the coffee ground typically going straight to landfill. At UMC we collect used coffee ground from coffee shops on campus and in the city as use this nutritious material to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms in our Urban indoor farm. We then sell our mushrooms to local shops and restaurants.­

Altr.d – Clothing Waste

Altr.d upcycles then sells preowned clothes to reduce local clothing waste. The project recently launched a clothes swap to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the clothing industry and is currently experimenting with modern designs.

Lighthouse – Homeless Youth

In partnership with Exeter YMCA, Lighthouse aims to aid young homeless individuals to improve their life prospects through running workshops and entrepreneurial activities. Building relationships with those in need is at the core of this project, which utilises entrepreneurship as one of many tools to aid beneficiaries to improve their lives.

Kwa Murugi Project – International Development

The Kwa Murugi project have recently completed an 8 day trip to a Kenya, learning about the challenges people in the Kwa Murugi slum in Nakuru are struggling with. With the information gathered on the trip and with project partner the Doxa Project, The Kwa Murugi Project can now start developing their business plan. The goal is to improve social and economic issues in Kwa Murugi through the power of social enterprise.


We’ve got a spot open for a new Commercial Team which will create a business in a sustainable way to generate profit to support our other projects.

All the money we fundraise is put back into the society to push our projects as far as they can go and provide the best training opportunities we can to our members! So if you’ve got a knack for raising money then consider joining our Fundraising Team!


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