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Enactus - Where Business Meets Charity

Enactus is Exeter University’s social enterprise society, just one of a larger network of student societies spread across universities all over the world.

We create projects that tackle global issues such as poverty, waste or homelessness.

Our local and international projects see a problem, use entrepreneurial action to find a solution and improve the lives of the individuals and communities that we work with.

These projects are not charities - they are social enterprises: innovative businesses that empower beneficiaries and make a difference in society.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Champion social enterprise
  2. Develop our social enterprises
  3. Challenge our members to become future leaders in social enterprise


Current Projects

Biosmart – Fuel Poverty

Operating in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Tiko, Cameroon, Kadzinuni and Kenya, Biosmart is looking to tackle fuel poverty using environmentally and socially sustainable methods. With their charity partners, they have installed furnaces on the ground and currently looking to scale up our production to reach the entire town.

Climate Change Storybook 

Climate Change Storybook is a storybook aimed at 5-7 year olds which explores the issue of environmental change. The book follows two characters, Otis the Orangutan and Beetrice the Bee. Otis is quite pessimistic when it comes to environmental change, but Beetrice takes Otis on a journey, explaining why he should be positive about the future. 


58 million children in Asia live in areas prone to flooding and drought, resulting in mass crop failure. Many children are therefore taken out of school to help farm or care for younger siblings. In response to this, Grow works to develop gardens in Cambodian schools - providing a more sustainable food source and incentivising school attendance.

Twelve Period 

Did you know period poverty affects 28% of young women in the UK? Twelve period aims to raise awareness of this issue and remove the stigma from discussions about periods. The project will also continue to educate the student body on a “sustainable menstruation” and provide free sustainable products for the student community. 

The Urban Mushroom Co. – Food Waste

Urban Mushroom Company (UMC) tackles coffee waste by collecting used coffee grounds from Exeter's coffee shops, transforming them into gourmet oyster mushrooms in their urban indoor farm. This circular model not only reduces environmental impact but also fosters community education and supports local businesses.


Oyana aims to empower women in the slums of Kwa Murugi in Kenya. Gender inequality is one of the more prevalent issues in this community, with women being perceived as lesser in society. Oyana alongside their partner aims to provide work stability for these women through soap production, in hope that with a stable income the women in Kwa Murugi can be independent and overcome gender inequality. 


We Want You to Become a Social Entrepreneur!

By joining our team, you will set yourself apart from other students. We provide workshops and training opportunities to improve and refine your business and leadership skills. You’ll be working alongside other like-minded individuals and building projects together. Most importantly, you’ll be changing the world for the better.


If you want to:

  • Expand your skills
  • Meet other people
  • Learn more about business and enterprise
  • Do some good

Join us online through the Guild website today!








































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