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About Us:

Welcome to Exeter RAG! We are the largest student-led fundraising group at the University of Exeter. 

Each year we fundraise for two nominated charities throughout a large range of events with all proceeds from our events going straight to these two very deserving charities.

Some of our monthly (and more regular!) events include pub quizzes, bar crawls and our themed family socials. We also hold bigger events throughout the year such as Jailbreak - a global race for teams to get as far from Exeter as possible in a 72 hour period, Take Me Out, our notorious Valentines extravaganza, and the Charity Fashion Show  - with RAG there really is something for everyone!

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Under the umbrella of all-things-RAG, we also have RAG challenges - a series of seven exhilarating  challenges that any of our members can embark on! These consist of our UK-based; Three Peaks Challenge or Skydive, and our international; Budapest Marathon, Lost Columbia Trek, Dash to Dubrovnik, Uganda Volunteer project and Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, all of which fundraise for different charities to our nominated ones (such as MRF, Amnesty international and the list goes on). What’s stopping you from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, bulking up your CV, trying something new and fundraising for some incredible charities?

RAG’s aim has and always will be to fundraise as much money for charity through as many innovative ways as possible - we are always looking for new members and subcommittee to help us run our events smoothly. Get in contact with us by one our social media channels if you would like to get involved with planning your own event. In a society where everyone who joins wants to achieve something good, RAG always makes for a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


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