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We are a group of inclusive Christians that seek to create a safe, sacred space for anyone exploring Christian spirituality or wishing to deepen an already existing Christian faith. We are part of the national Student Christian Movement, which is a student-led organisation that provides support to students looking for a progressive, compassionate Christian spirituality. Our group values and celebrates diversity amongst its members, with all facets of identity being welcomed (we particularly support and affirm LGBTQ+ identities, due to the current anti-Queer, heteronormative state of many Christian spaces across Exeter). We encourage asking questions and sharing experiences both challenging and uplifting, believing open discussion is vital to a healthy community and a healthy spirituality.

Our aims are:

Aim 1: To provide an inclusive, safe space to explore a progressive Christian faith

Aim 2: To offer support and friendship to students marginalised and excluded by other Christian spaces in Exeter (particularly over issues of diversity and inclusion)

Aim 3: To promote and discuss issues of spirituality and social justice

As far as we’re aware, we are the only Christian society that is openly affirming of LGBTQ+ students and holds a progressive view of faith that calls to solidarity with the poor and the marginalised. Another significant difference is we are non-denominational, meaning we welcome all expressions of worship (e.g. Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, and so on) but find a common ground in our support of social justice, inclusion, and equality. We are also deliberately non-evangelising, meaning that our goal is not to convert students but instead welcome and support them as they already are.


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