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Judo is one of the most popular grappling style martial arts in the world, due to its dynamic full contact competitive nature and impressive, technical skillset.


The art of Judo is an excellent form of self-defence, covering throwing and tripping techniques on the feet, as well as pinning, joint lock and strangulation techniques on the ground. The sport helps to improve not only physical strength but also mental fortitude, balance and body confidence.

In modern Judo there is a focus on the full contact competition aspect of Judo however there is no need to feel pressured to compete. The Exeter Judo society offers a welcoming atmosphere for men and women to come and practice Judo, get fit and socialise and begin their progression towards being a competent Judoka. 

All levels of experience are welcome, from novices, to seasoned veterans of the sport. Regardless of your experience in Judo, our qualified, skilled team coaches will help you to gain the knowledge, confidence and ability to become a highly capable Judoka.

Whether you enjoy the physicality of competing, the technicality of throwing or the social aspect of the sport, Judo has something for you.

Training times:

Wednesday Training 6-8pm Studio 2 or 3, Sports Park

Sunday Training 6-8pm Studio 2 or 3, Sports Park