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About section for student’s guild:

The adventure society at university of Exeter is a new student organisation that provides opportunity for physical activities and outdoor exploration starting from Devon, further expanding to the places in the United Kingdom. Adventure Society welcomes everyone.

Our aim is to:

• Create a sense of excitement and mystery by keeping the adventure activities a surprise. 
• Encourage diversity and promote outdoor exploration and adventure among students at University of Exeter to help them get out of their comfort zone.
• Provide a platform for students to experience new challenges and explore new destinations. 
• Create strong connections between the members and making sure that they feel welcomed and have an experience of a lifetime.
• Foster personal growth and development among all the members and encouraging new people to become members be a part of the experience. 
• Organize adventures and activities that are accessible and affordable to all members.

Our objective is to:

• Organize at least one adventure activity a month which would include: hiking, cliff jumping, kayaking, camping and many more.
• Conduct training sessions for individual adventures taking place and educating members about the adventure and the destination of the adventure.

Come join the adventure! Or committee members are happy to connect with you if you have any queries on:

Instagram: exeteradventuresoc

We hope to see you at our next adventures coming soon!