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Exeter Dermatology Society is a rapidly growing society at the University of Exeter Medical School.

Our goal is to expose medical students to dermatology and its related conditions from early pre-clinical years through clinical placements at the hospital, co-curricular teaches and workshops.

We have plenty of activities and opportunities planned for the upcoming year, including weekly placements on a dermatology ward, a careers evening, a suturing course and some interesting teaches that will boost your AMK score!

Aims and Objectives:

1. Increase student exposure to the fields of dermatology, dermatological surgery and plastic surgery

2. Organise teaches, placements, workshops and other events led by experts in the field to develop student interest for a career in these areas.

3. Collaborate with other student-led dermatology societies to establish a better platform across the South West and beyond to provide better opportunities to students and the community.

4. Advertise Dermatology opportunities outside of the medical school, such as conferences and surgical training courses.

Membership only costs £4, which will give you access to all the opportunities that we provide!

To stay up to date with our society events, please join our Facebook group or contact us via email!