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Nursing is a very new course, and there has never been a society created before. Our course started in the height of the pandemic, meaning that many students did not know each other until second or third year.

By creating this society we hope to bring all years and students together to share experiences and knowledge, whilst also creating a supportive and integrated environment


Our Aims:

  • To provide a community of nursing students, bringing the cohorts together
  • Running activities; socials, sporting and charity events, balls etc.
  • Providing some academic support if needed and appropriate
  • Running events and socials that YOU want

As a society we have three main concepts. These are:

  • Creating an academic and social community for the student nurses on our course
  • Creating opportunities for professional development
  • Creating opportunities to give back to the community by completing relevant charity fundraising

Whilst we aim to create a relaxed and fun environment within the society, we are aware that our members are training to be registered nurses. We have three underpinning rules, these are to be professional, abide by the NMC code and to also uphold professional values.