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Our society is dedicated to promoting the Greek and Cypriot way of life to all of its members, regardless of their ethnicity.

We aim to make Greeks and Cypriots feel more at home, create a comforting environment through traditional events and parties we used to enjoy back home.

In this society, any member will get a real taste of Greek traditions and an insight into our culture.

We hope that every single event will make you feel at home, reminding you of the beauties of Greece and Cyprus!

OUR AIMS FOR 2021/22:

  • To organize society events that bring our members closer to the Greek and Cypriot way of life
  • To provide a sense of home and unity for the students that miss their homeland, especially the new members
  • To discover and share Greek and Cypriot culture through traditional events involving all members

Join our society or just come along to meet us and get to know us.

This year we are aiming higher. We want to satisfy the needs of all of our members. If you have a good idea about an event you want us to have, just message one of our pages on Facebook or Instagram and we will consider it!

You can add our £5.00 yearly membership to your Guild basket!


- Our society is a non-profit society; all our events are scheduled for our members enjoyment.

- We aim to comply with the regulations set out by the Guild and to follow their example, such as the work done by the No Project and the Green Unit.

- Our most important aim is to ensure respect within the society and every single member who wants to be a part of our family.