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Welcome to the EuroVision Society at the University of Exeter!

Are you captivated by the spectacle of Eurovision? Intrigued by the confluence of music, culture, and international camaraderie? Look no further—this is the society for you!

Aims and Objectives:

Celebrate Diversity: To provide a welcoming platform that celebrates cultural diversity through the medium of music and performance.

Engage and Educate: To foster an engaging environment where members can learn about the history, politics, and cultural nuances that make Eurovision unique.

Community Building: To create a strong, inclusive community that brings together Eurovision aficionados and newcomers alike for discussions, debates, and social events.

Local and Global Reach: To establish connections with Eurovision communities outside the university, enriching our understanding and appreciation of the event.

Exciting Events:

Weekly Watch Parties: Relive iconic performances and discuss their merits.

Eurovision-themed Quiz Nights: Test your knowledge and win fabulous prizes.

ExeVision Song Contest: Show off your singing skills in our own University-wide competition, where you represent different countries in a Eurovision-style contest.

Trip to Malmö for EuroVision 2024: Yes, you read that right! We're planning a society trip to witness the magic of Eurovision 2024 in person!

Join us for an extraordinary journey through the world of Eurovision. Here, you’ll make lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this dazzling spectacle!